Part 1 of our series on what is an Artist we covered some of the traits that an Artist may posses and what people who are asking themselves, "Am I an Artist?" can consider.  In part 2 of our ongoing series we are going to continue the discussion by focusing on some of your questions and comments that arose from the first article.

Can Only An Artist Create Art?

First of all lets be clear that many different types of people are capable of creating works of art. Someone who does not exhibit any of the Artist traits that we spoke about in part 1 may take an amazing photograph, write an incredible poem or story, design, act, sing, or make art in any form. Even things like sales and marketing can be an art form.  So, we do not want to give the impression that Art is limited to Artist. 

There are many people that label themselves as "creatives" and we want to make the distinction between that idea or term and the idea of what it means "to be" an Artist.  Many, many people are creative, seemingly few are Artists.  It truly is a different way of "being" in this world that may be quite difficult to understand.  Most Artists usually do not ask themselves "Am I An Artist?"  Most Artists also could care less about the label, they just are what they are.  Another important point to remember is that in most cases being an Artist is not a choice that is consciously made by a person.

What we are trying to communicate is the fact that Artists are different from most other people in that they may:

-Physically  "see" the world around us in a different way.

-Emotionally "feel" the most subtle of energies that we all give off to a far greater degree than can be imagined.  They often "know" people for what they are before they even speak a word, despite that persons best effort to put on a persona.

-Mentally think about things in a way that is different from most people, due to their heightened awareness and sensitivity to everything.

-Derive their motivation to work from an "unknown" source, as inspiration often "just comes to them" and they concern themselves very little with monetary gain, power, control or judgments.

An Artist's Life Is A Difficult Path

We are not saying that Artists are superior to the rest of us, in fact being an Artist is more often than not a far more difficult life than not being one and certainly not something most people would find to be the easiest path.  Artists are often sensationalized in movies and stories, but how often do we hear the familiar terms "Starving Artist" and "Tortured Artist" used to describe them?  These phrases are common for a reason and not generally a path that someone would choose first in life.

This article was written to try to encourage patience with and understanding of, ourselves and others. 

The Public Wants To Know

When it comes to public curiosity though, Google search tells the story with an average of over 37 Million monthly global searches for the phrase "What Is An Artist?".  I have worked online for over 12 years and I know of very few phrases or questions that are searched for in such a high volume on a consistent basis. With so many people wondering about this question, we hope that it is also accompanied with the genuine wish to truly understand what it is to be an Artist.  Considering the interest in this topic, we will continue this series and the conversation to do our best to shed light on the matter.  If you have any insights you would like to share, please connect with us on google+. We look forward to your personal stories and as always to your success!

What Is An Artist? 

(part 2)
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