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What Is An Artist?

Some people go through life asking themselves "Am I an Artist?"  At we have compiled a lot of information over the years about Artists and some general commonalities that they share.  We do not want to paint Artist with broad generalizations, however we have listed the following traits for the benefit of those who are wondering what it means to be an Artist and how they can better understand those of us who are Artists.

So, Can What An Artist Is Be Defined?

Well, as an Artist you may share any one of the following traits or a combination of several of them.

-Many Artists are born with a heightened perception and sensitivity to their surroundings that can not be taught, you either have it or you do not.  If you have it, you can enhance it through practice, education and training.

-Many Artists find competition unpleasant and do not like to judge others or be judged themselves.

-Artists can become totally absorbed in their work for many hours or days at a time without even noticing the passage of time.  

-Artists actually "have to" do what they do, whether it is writing, painting, singing, dancing, designing, they must do it or they will feel ill at ease until they do.

-Artists are NOT motivated by money, power or the desire to control others.  Their work has an intrinsic value to them, however they do want it to be appreciated by others.

-Artists often prefer to work by themselves, they can work with others, but they 'need space' to work at their best.  This must be understood by anyone who is in a relationship with an Artists and it is not to be taken personally. They may have periods of time with creative highs and periods of time where they are in a creative low.

-Artists are not afraid to stand up for their principles, even defying authority if necessary.

-Artists are sensitive, caring and deeply empathetic towards people that they may not even know.  They may not ever feel like they are "part of the group".

-Artists may have the tendency to be perfectionist with their work and worry or over analyze it for extended periods of time.

-Artists tend to have difficulty letting go of the past and will take any form of betrayal or disrespect as an almost unforgivable injury.  They will remember being wronged as if it had just happened no matter how much time has passed.

-They are helpful, generous, caring, intensely faithful, exciting, vibrant, exuding a sense of freedom and yet sometimes distant.

-They are broad minded visionaries and help us all to see things in a new light.  They truly add color to the world around us.

Are You An Artist?

If these things sound like you or feel like they describe you, then it is very likely that you are indeed an Artist.  Once you know that this is part of what you are and that it is perfectly natural for your being to feel these ways, then it can be much easier for you to embrace your life and live your Truth. It is so important in life for each of us to know who and what we are so that we may better live the lives we were meant for.  Having patience with yourself and with others too who may not understand you, will help to improve your life dramatically.  Be kind to yourself and allow yourself "to be" what you are.

If the above traits do not describe you, they can still be very useful in helping you to understand part of what it is that an Artist must go through in life.  Take this new understanding and allow it to afford you the patience and compassion to give others the kindness they need in life to be what they are.  It is through patience and an earnest effort to understand ourselves and others that we can grow in Wisdom. 

Read part 2 of our ongoing series about "What Is An Artist" to continue the discussion or if you have an Artist in your life then "Do You Love An Artist?" Is a must read article for you.

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