Graphic Design Software Reviews:

Manga- This software is ideal for artist who like to sketch or draw comics.  It allows for the rendering of your sketches into a true comic format.  You can fill in your characters with a wide variety of custom colors, add text balloons and other special effects to make professional looking comic stories or comic books.  It is mostly a 2D format, although you can import your 3D objects into scenes they will be converted to 2D.  It is very popular and I think the #1 selling software for comic creation.  

Anime studio- Used for animating your comic creations and even adding lip sync.  This software really brings your creations to life through simple animation and voice adding techniques. The Pro version enables 3d objects to be added, while the debut version uses 2d, but is still very powerful.  For the price it's a great place to begin and can't be beat.

Poser- The 3d character and content rendering powerhouse.  Loaded with textures and other 3rd party 3d content, it enables you to create and add 3d characters to your projects that are highly sophisticated. Poser includes the ability to animate, lip sync, a very broad freedom of character design from head to toe and a huge library of resources intended to help save you time.  An added plus is the large online community of users that are available for support and inspiration. 

3ds Max- By far one of the more professionally focused pieces of software, but awesome results for 3d object creation and architecture.  It is mostly not for creating characters, but if you have an interest in interiors, architecture or objects of any kind this is the one the pros use and the one you would want as well.  Fantastic support, tutorials and a huge helpful community.

- The creators of Veronica 4 (V4), the #1 most downloaded virtual character.  She is usable in Poser as well and is a staple amongst 3d Artists.  Daz also offers a rendering engine of their own, however many people choose to import items from Daz into Poser and work on them there.  It's a great place to start your graphic art knowledge base and was one of our first resources on our way to creating multiple businesses.

3D Graphic Art Software Reviews

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Blender - The open source and yes we mean FREE 3d rendering, modeling and graphic art software.  A great place to start learning 3d art especially if you do not want to spend any money.  They have a great community and lots of helpful tutorials. Note: Check that your computer has a top of the line graphics card though, because this program was written by coders on computers with great graphics cards and it may not run on your system if  your graphic card is not up to par.  There is information on their site about system requirements.  They just released a new update on December 10, 2012. Here is a link to their site, but don't forget to put into your favorites first before leaving to check them out.  Thanks and have fun.