Blue Voda Website Builder

We have been using Blue Voda Website Builder for about 5 years on several of our sites, including this one.  Our experience is that it allows for a great deal of freedom in terms of creating your pages however you would like.  They have a drag and drop system that allows you to place just about any element you want wherever you want it.  As graphic artist and designers we love  this type of freedom in design.  They also provide templates if you like to use those, however we have never used any of them and so we can not comment on how they are.  The website builder is free if you host your site with them.  Hosting is paid in full for the year and breaks down to about $8.00 a month.  A really great value.  You can also add on as many domains as you like under one hosting package which is really great.  Customer service is obtained by submitting support tickets online and then waiting for a response, usually within a few hours has been our experience.  They also like you to utilize their support forum for as many of your questions as possible.  So, if you are not comfortable with forums or you really need to talk to someone, this is not their strong suit.  So far there has not been any question or issue that we could not resolve through the means they offer and we would recommend their system to people who are beyond beginners and are comfortable with forums and video tutorials for learning.  Another thing to note is that their website builder is downloaded onto your computer and you must work from your computer to make changes and publish your site.  This has some obvious drawbacks as you can not access your website builder from other locations and publish changes on the fly.  This would be the one thing I would most like to see changed, however we have been very satisfied with their service and do remain customers of theirs till this day.

Website Builders and Hosting Reviews

Go Daddy Website Builder and Hosting

We have used GoDaddy for over 12 years now also with several of our sites that contain a lot of graphic art.  They have had the lowest prices for domain name registration that we could find, but have become a little higher recently.  Their website builder is hosted online and can be accessed from any computer anywhere by logging in to your account.  Their hosting prices are a little higher and go up as you add more items and your business grows.  They tend to have a very busy website and it can be rather overwhelming as they seem to constantly try to sell you more and more stuff whenever you buy anything from them.  They do have telephone customer service that is friendly and knowledgeable which is always nice when you feel the need to speak with someone.  Their site builders are easy to use, but were a little more limited in terms of freedom and creativity, because they are template driven.  We would recommend them to beginners and people who want to get a site up and running quickly.  We hope these reviews are helpful to you and keep in mind that if you do use either of these services we would be happy to try and help you out with any questions you have.  Now take some action and get your website launched.

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