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Using Public Domain as
a Content Resource

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Thousands of copyright free images, videos and audio files awaiting your creativity!
Where To Get Public Domain Content
What is public domain content and why do I care?

Public domain content is work where the intellectual property rights have expired, been forfeited or are no longer applicable. This is content that you can use for FREE and is no longer protected by copyright law. A more detailed definition and explanation can be found here at wikipedia.

This can be an awesome resource for the building blocks of your next project.  You can access Images, audio, footage and even 3d models for use on your website, blog, video or any project that you have in the works.  You can also use this content to create new transformative works or just add slight modifications to create a derivative work. Of course, you don't even have to change them at all if you don't want to, you can just upload any relevant pictures, videos or content and make them a part of your current project right now.

This huge library of content can also serve to get your creative juices flowing. You may not even use a file from there, but just looking at some of them may spark new and exciting ideas for you.  After all, we never really know how, why or where our next great idea is going to come to us from.
Where can you get this stuff?  We have used public domain content ourselves in the past and it has always been a bit tedious to find what we were looking for, until now. One of our favorite sites for images and video content is Pond5 and they have also taken it upon themselves to organize an easy to use public domain section with:

Over 9,700 Footage files
Over 2,700 Audio files
120 3D Models and growing
Over 64,500 Images

Here is the link:

The Pond5 Public Domain Project - Free Content Resource

Despite doing a lot of hard work to organize everything into easy to search categories, Pond5 still offers this entire section entirely free of charge as a courtesy to you.  Just find the file you want, they make the searching easy, add it to your cart for $0 and checkout. Then download the file and put it to work for you! 

Items enter the public domain on a regular basis for various reasons, so it is worthwhile to check back often or just add the website to your favorites.

So go have some fun with it and see what you can find! We're head over heels with it. ;)

Hope you find this information useful in your content creation, if so, let us know.  Don't forget you can follow us over at Google+ also for the very latest action and information!

-To Your Success!