The technology of today is one of the most exciting things that could ever happen for an Artist.  The days of painting a picture or creating a work and then only being able to sell it once is no longer the dominant way of  making money for today's Artist.  Graphic art or digital art is a wonderful method of passive income.  Let's first begin by explaining what passive income is and how it can be a great benefit for Artists.  Passive income is all about working on something,that once it is complete can be sold over and over again without having to do the work again. Examples could be a digital art file,a book, software, photos etc.  With the multitude of websites online today and more coming, the need for 3d graphic art as well as digital art and design of all types is a huge opportunity for Artists.  As a digital Artist or photographer, you can publish your work in several venues and then generate income on that same artwork repeatedly. Even framed wall art of your work is now available to be printed over and over again for your clients.  The benefits to this method of income are easy to see and easy to use. We will be listing our favorite places for you to sell your art right here in this article so that you can take action today with your work.

Sell Your Art Again And Again

We have spent a lot of time online during our research for the 20 plus websites we are developing and in that process we have come across many different websites selling all types of Art.  There are sites out there selling photos, 3d models, textures, objects, logos, animations, sound clips, virtual clothing and hair, music, flash, aftereffects, basically anything you can think of.  As an Artist you stand in a unique position to capitalize on this new age of digital downloads.  You are the one who can express a unique vision of the world around us.  It is now worthwhile to revisit all of those old files you have sitting in your computer somewhere. There may be a home out there on the web for some of your artwork that you just didn't know exactly what to do with.  It may be helpful to keep in mind that you can never always know what it is that people will find a need for and something that you don't really like may be desired by others, so don't limit your income potential.  Now is the time to have a renewed energy for your work, old and new.  There are literally billions of people online right now and more new people getting online everyday that want to see what's out there.  You can show them something creative and enhance their experience while earning money and appreciation for your work at the same time. Even if you create physical Art like pottery, why not take a picture of it (you probably have one already for your website) and then sell that image online at one of the places listed below where you can also link back to your business?

Resources For Selling Your Digital Art - Updated December 2013

Here are some places where you can get started selling your graphic art or whatever type of art it is that you create. 
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Envato - They have several Artists who have sold over $1,000,0000. Yes, we said a million dollars.  They announce them on their website whenever it happens.  They have many sub sites or marketplaces as well that cover lots of stuff including music, digital art, stock photo images, flash and a lot more.Here is a link to their Graphic River site where we sell too and you can use it to access all of their other sites  as well.

Behance - A vast and growing platform to showcase and discover creative artwork.  Now owned by Adobe and quickly becoming a massive online Art community, A free Behance Pro Site is made available for all Creative Cloud subscribers. This is a great place to get feedback on your work and get it in front of the eyes of industry professionals who are known to search here frequently for new talent.  It's not really for direct selling as much as it is a professional portfolio and networking site.

Artist Rising - A recent discovery for us and an exciting place to have your digital Art put on canvass or on prints with framing available.  Just upload your work and they take care of the printing and shipping of your products.  Click the Artist Rising link to view one of our very own Artist's gallery and see how it works.

Society 6 - Another cool place to have your work printed on everything from pillows, mobile phone cases, laptop skins, T-shirts and more, it is a definite must see.  Now you can send your artwork as gifts to others in so many fun ways.  See how one of our Artists does it here.

Renderosity - A 2d and 3d content site, selling animations, models, art and boasting a huge community. A great place to start off and connect.  

Daz 3d - Home to the #1 most downloaded 3d character Victoria. Download her here and get started on your own 3d art, 3d content and animation.

Runtime DNA - A 3d art site, but with limited contributors.  Still worth checking out or adding to your resource list.

Content Paradise - 2d content, 3d models and audio.  At our last check, they were no longer accepting new artists, but it's always worth checking back from time to time.

Deviant Art - digital art, traditional art, photography and more, boasting 25 million registered artists.  Can be a little overwhelming, stay focused on your niche to get the most out of it.

Reallusion - 2d&3d content, 3d movies, character bases, animations and more.

Stock Photo Sites:

You do not earn as much per sale with stock photos, usually anywhere from .25 cents to $5.00 per image. They are a worthwhile endeavor however for generating new customers as you can list your website or contact information as well as a short biography about yourself.  If you have a lot of images of your work then upload them to every site and the money and contacts will begin to add up.

Shutter Stock - The largest stock photos and royalty free image place on the web. A great resource to market your digital art as they invest a lot of money in marketing their company and getting broad exposure for their brand.  They seem to get the most traffic to us.

Deposit photos - Stock photos, illustrations and vector art.

Fotolia - They had almost 25 million images for sale at our last check.

Big Stock Photo - Up and coming with over 14 million images.

Can Stock Photo - We seem to get paid a little higher rate here.

123rf - stock photos, vectors, video footage.

Dreamstime - Stock images and footage.

The opportunities are there, so take them and run with it.  Put the work in now on your Art, so you can enjoy the passive income later.  Put this page in your favorites as we update it often and then go and take action!  You can do it!

To Your Success - The 3D Graphic Art Team.

Passive Income With Graphic Art

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