Are you working hard at your graphic art, but still not making the money you hoped for?  Are you tired of putting forth all your effort and not getting enough in return?  Here is a revealing exercise I would like you to try.  make a list of the people in the graphic art and design field that you have helped.  Write down their name, email, and some personal information about them that they shared with you.  How did you help them? Did you ask for something in return? Did you keep in touch with them with encouragement, inspiration or other actions they could take regarding what they needed help with?  Take your time and list as many people as you can, be honest with yourself.

How many people are on your list?  What personal information do you know about them?

Some may begin to see the point of this exercise rather soon and others may need to give it a little more thought, but there is often times a direct correlation between success in a given field and the number of people genuinely helped out by yourself.  When you help people with something that you are good at and you connect with them in a more personal manner, they will remember you.    As time goes on and you help more and more people, you develop a reputation as someone who knows their field well, is generous and well, helpful.  You will become the 'go to' person for graphic art and design or whatever area of Art you are focused in.  When you become sought out by others you will no longer have a problem making money.  You will begin to see easily where you can provide value and solutions to the problems others are having in their journey.  There will come a time when you know what product or service it is that you should develop, because you have the trust and attention of a lot of people.  Maybe you would offer a training course or a book or something that you have a unique ability to provide.  The point is, that helping others in graphic art and design without asking for anything in return will build a long term foundation for your success.  

"You can get everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want." - Zig Ziglar

Finding It Hard To Be Helpful?

If you have difficulty helping others there are a lot of ways to start off slowly and from a distance if necessary.  Why not take the time to check out some graphic art and design forums and find a couple that you like.  Tip: go to Google search and enter - forum: graphic art or graphic design, or whatever your area of interest is and you will get a list of related forums back in the search results.  Make sure the forum is active and up to date, then sign up and introduce yourself to the community.  Do not promote yourself or your site for a while yet, you are here to see who you can help out.  You may be surprised to see how many things you know about your art that others are looking for help with.  

Helping Artists With Influence

Another important thing to remember is that people who know more than you may also need help with things that you can do and this is also a great person to target.  When you help out top people in graphic arts then you are building relationships with those who already have influence.  Why not visit websites of successful artists or companies that you know of and perform a close observation of it.  Look to see if there is anything obvious that you can notify them of, broken links, typos, etc. and then let them know about it in a kind manner.  A good tip is to keep any email response from them to your helpful suggestion and then if you want to contact them in the future go to it and use the reply button.  This will serve as a reminder to them of your original helpful encounter and will make them more likely to remember you in a positive way.  Remember that lasting success is a process, there is no shortcut, you have to put in the genuine effort to help your success along.

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