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If you are looking for a job in graphic design, this may be one of the most eye opening articles you ever read.  With tens of thousands of people searching for information on graphic design jobs every month, we decided to put together an ongoing series to help you out with this subject.  Many people go to school for graphic design and after 4 years come out wondering how to get work.  I personally know that school is not necessarily the answer for everyone, but we'll talk more about that later.

Graphic Design Jobs Find You

One of the most frequent request for help that we see is for finding a job in graphic design.  The old adage that you need experience to get a job, but can't get experience without a job is true, but the answer is also right in front of us.  Opportunities for work are arriving at your home everyday in the mail.  We all receive marketing material in the mail from many different companies all the time.  These materials are a perfect place to focus your design efforts and we'll tell you why.  If you received marketing material in the mail, then that company has a marketing budget that includes graphic designers.  For example, I recently received a special offer from a local restaurant in the mail.  They had an image of a woman chef that was in a cartoon format that I knew could be improved upon while still keeping within their intended message.  There was also the burgundy background color with a rather plain text on it that could be enhanced with some quick and easy changes as well.  Plus, all the contact information I needed to get in touch with that company was also provided for me right there on the flyer.

Take Initiative With Your Graphic Art

If I was looking for work, I would consider that marketing mailer as an open opportunity and this is what I would do:  You will redesign their special offer flyer and make it really stand out with your unique talent, then save it on your computer with your name, date and the word "copyright" on it.  Then you can work on making the necessary contacts with the company to tell them about your ideas to help them.  You could first call and see if they have a human resource department, if not then ask for the operations manager or store manager.  Explain to them that you got the flyer they sent you and you happen to be a graphic designer that would like to share some ideas with them about their next campaign.  Get names and contact information as you go along (from everyone).  You can then arrange to stop by and share your ideas, these mailings are usually from local places and thus will be nearby your home.  Otherwise, arrange to email your ideas to them, but be sure to include your copyright and fees or state that your design fees are open to discussion.  Be sure to be as helpful as possible and use words and phrases like: I wanted to share an idea with you that can improve your sales or I see an opportunity to help improve your companies marketing efforts, etc.
Several things will happen as a result of this effort on your part.

1- You will be getting more practice with real world designs and graphic art solutions, while adding each new design to your growing portfolio.

2- You will be making new business contacts and getting your name and work around town, building a reputation and familiarity for your graphic art.

3- You may land a job with a company that becomes an important part of your experience and resume building.

4- You will start to "see" opportunities popping up more and more and will never wonder "where are all the graphic design jobs?" ever again.

5- You will be building the strong initiative that is a great thing to talk about in any interview.  How do you think a prospective employer would feel about you creating your own work experience as opposed to the next person who only lists their education, but has no experience or has shown no initiative?

Now that you have finished this article, don't just sit there, go take action and come back and tell us how it's going.  We want you to succeed.  There's a job opportunity in graphic design that was just delivered to your front door, go get it! 

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