If you are pursuing Art for the sole purpose of making as much money as possible, then please do something else because the world of Art does not place monetary gain in the drivers seat.  If you want to innovate, practice, fail, try again, persist, share and create something that you release to the world as though it was a child of your very own and say "look world, look what is possible to create." then you are in the right place and Art needs you.

Give of yourself, be helpful, if you are truly helpful and generous in time you will never have to worry about income.  I know of no one who is a trusted and generous top resource in their field, a real "go to" source for people who need help, that has ever said "I can't make a living at this."  It just doesn't happen and there is a good reason for it. 
That being said, while you are on your way to becoming that person, we have compiled places and ways for you to earn money with your art that will be the focus of the rest of this article.  We are not talking about working for a graphic design company or any other company yet.  This article is about earning money independently while you are developing your skills as an artist and of course, being helpful.

Graphic Design Jobs and How to Make Money In Graphic Art

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Places to Sell Your Graphic Designs and Art:

The links below will take you directly to each website listed, so be sure to put www.3dgraphicart.com into your favorites before leaving and then you can come back here to get the latest additions.  We have only linked to places that we actually use to sell our own art as well.  The places without links are places we trust, but have not used for ourselves.
List Updated April 2014

Envato - Sell everything from pictures, videos, flash, sounds, all types of graphic art and designs and earn from 33% to 70% depending on exclusivity agreement and sales numbers.  They have multiple sites for every type of art you want to sell. We love their ability to sell so many different file types of our Art, it's a great place to sell just about any digital art you have created.  They have multiple $1 Million dollar sellers there! Really, so check out their community by clicking the link at the beginning of this paragraph.

Society 6 - A really fun place that can put your digital art onto throw pillows, mobile phone cases, laptop skins, plus art prints and more.  A great place to even buy your own art to give out as a gift to others.  We love the concept, a must see!

Artist Rising - One of our newest favorite finds.  They make professional prints of your artwork with framing available for clients to purchase as wall art for their homes or office.  See some of our very own work there today by clicking the link.

Renderosity - There focus is on 3d content creation, clothing, props, morphs, poses, textures etc.  You create 3d content and submit it to them for approval.  They have a minimum price setting and then split the sales with you the designer at different percentages depending on several criteria.
Daz3D - They were one of the first in 3d character design and they really helped to put it on the map.  There focus is on 3d content creation, clothing, props, morphs, poses, textures etc.  You create 3d content and submit it to them for approval.  They have a minimum price setting and then split the sales with you the designer at 50%, but there are also different percentages depending on several criteria.

Content Paradise - One of the easiest and highest paying 3d content sites to submit your work to.   With a 70% split in the artist favor and being run by the company who owns Poser, it's a good combination if you are a 3d content creator.

The 3D Studio - The world's largest collection of 3D models and stock photos.  They have tons of textures too and once you open a sellers account they pay 60% at last check in.  A Must see.

Dreamstime - One of our favorite stock photo sites because of their great community atmosphere.

Can Stock - Quickly becoming our preferred stock image selling place, because they pay out a lot more to us than the other sites. They do not get as much traffic yet, but they are worth getting started with.

Deposit Photo - For photographers, submit your photos for sale to a huge community and growing.  Earn 44%- 52% of each sale.

Shutterstock - The largest online stock photo place to date.  High quality, professional service,great marketing and exposure of their brand all combine to give you the best chance to sell the most of your digital art.

99 Designs - Compete in contests for logo design, T-shirts, brochures etc.  As of this writing they were paying out 60% of the job money to the artist.  Although, we have never used them. 

Odesk - Tremendous amount of graphic art and design jobs posted daily.  Select jobs that interest you and submit your work for consideration.
Elance - Similar to Odesk with a tremendous amount of graphic art and design jobs posted daily.  You choose jobs that interest you and submit your work for consideration.  Get paid within 5 days of your work being accepted.

Mycroburst - Focused on logo design, web elements and brochures for businesses, they pay out a generous 90% of the job to the Artist.  The average graphic art job seems to pay about $400, with some much higher.

Go Make Money With Your Digital Art

We want to encourage you to take action on this list now, because only your action on the information you gather will make the difference.  The above list of places to make money with your digital art will be updated and edited on a regular basis.  Since a list like this can be a little bit of too much information at once, we have decided to help you out by creating an individual review page for each of the places.  As we complete each review the name will become a clickable link.  Please bookmark this page in your favorites or subscribe to our email to be sure that you don't miss  the latest updates as they happen.  There is plenty here to take action with today, so choose the one that most interests you and get to work on making money with your graphic art and designs.

-To Your Success! The 3D Graphic Art Team.

P.S. Don't be afraid to say "I am an Artist".

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