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Giclee Printer

Have you ever wondered how your digital art would look printed out in high resolution and professionally framed to be hung on the wall?  Now that desire is easily made possible with the advent of Giclee prints, here is some basic information on what it's all about.

More powerful computer software and improved printing technology has now made it possible to get high quality printed versions of the digital art images you love.  Giclee printing has the capability to elevate digital art through refined high resolution printing in large sizes that can be framed and are suitable to be hung in your home or office as wall art.  With all of the truly amazing images out there, this is leading to greater choices for the consumer and more accessibility to exciting art at affordable prices.  The internet and technology are paving the way for the democratization of art and the benefits are so great for so many. 

What is Giclee Printing Anyway?

Giclee is kind of like ink jet printing on steroids. It is ink jet in so much as it is based on the same technology of spraying ink onto a surface, however there are some big differences.  Giclee printers are large scale, they can print very wide, many go to 64 inches and in lengths even longer.  They also use more colors or shades of colors than your standard ink jet which uses 4.  Some giclee printers use 6 colors and Iíve seen others with as many as 8, they can have 4 shades of black (Epson 11880).  These additional shades allow for much richer colors that last far longer and eliminate that dotted look.  They are also far more expensive and require professional operation to get the best results.  They can print on many different materials like transparent acetates, watercolor paper, vinyl and canvas.

Benefits of Giclee

The benefits of giclee for the art community may seem self evident, but lets discuss some of them.  Artists can simply upload their computer generated work to a company that runs the printing service and images can be printed on demand.  Posters and even billboards of digital images are now possible due to the larger size capabilities.  Consumers are receiving a high quality product, high resolution images that last.  Images printed on fine art papers and viewed under  normal museum like conditions are expected to last 70 years, 120 years if printed on museum canvas.  Try that with your desktop printer and paper.   Art enthusiasts are no longer limited to viewing digital art on their computer, notebook, phone or printing out low quality smaller images at home on inadequate paper stock.  Multiple sizes are available for different clientís needs.  The art community has long been known to have a high barrier to entry.  You had to know people who knew the right people that could get your work into a showing at a gallery.  Digital artist can now give their own artwork as gifts or organize their own gallery showing and be able to sell the same image repeatedly.  Prices are affordable, many are available under $50.

Places to buy or sell giclee prints:

You could probably search online by just typing in the above phrase and get a lot of results, so we will just share a couple of places with you that we know. - We have both bought and sold art here and the quality was great. - They also print on pillows, t-shirts, cell phone and laptop cases plus more. - They have been in the art printing business for 35 years, you can not always sell your art through their site, the gallery submissions are only during certain dates, but they handle all of your giclee printing needs.  They have the experience to handle just about anything you throw at them.

We hope this article has answered some of your questions about giclee and more importantly, we hope you are excited about it and ready to take action on this information.  Connect with us on google+ where we post the latest news and digital art information.

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