Digital Art Jobs, From People You Have Have Been Giving Money To.

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Some digital artists, entrepreneurs and graphic designers may not like to or may not have the time to read a lot, so we will begin this article with a quick summary first.  This article is about listing all of the local places where you spend your money on a regular basis.  Places where you have or can develop a relationship with the owner.  After creating your list, it then becomes a  resource for you to generate new potential clients for your digital artwork or business. That's the general idea, the article will go into greater detail on why this works so well and how to do it, so if that is of interest to you as an artist, entrepreneur or graphic designer, then continue reading.

If you are looking for work in graphic design, or a way to gain more exposure for your artwork, we want to share the following ideas with you.  The following information may also be applicable to other entrepreneurs as well, but for now we will focus on the digital artist. This article is part of our ongoing series to help artists make money, we hope you will derive some benefit from it.

Make Money Where You Spend Money.

A frequent request we see, is for help in making money or finding a job in graphic design.  It is also one of the top searches in google under graphic design and digital art, so you are not alone. Here is a simple, yet often overlooked, place to begin.  We want you to take a moment and list or think about all of the places where you frequently spend your money.  We do not mean your regular bills that are mailed in or paid online, we want you to think of the places where you go, in person and transact with another human being.  Some examples may be your local deli, coffee shop, clothing boutique, hair salon, wine store etc.  Try to think of the places where you have a relationship with the owner or know that you can get access to the owner. Don't forget to add to your list as you go through your daily and weekly routines in life.

Once you have your list, do your homework and get prepared to be helpful.  Here's how:

1- The next time you go to any of the places on your list be sure to collect any printed materials they have regarding their business.  This would include, business cards, flyers, menus, order forms, brochures and the like.  Get their website and social media addresses too if they have them.

2- When you get home, review the promotional materials for each place and take special interest in their imagery or lack thereof.  Check out their websites and social media pages too with your attention on where your unique abilities can improve it for them.  Begin to design images or layouts that you feel will enhance their current materials and pages. Use any personal information you have about the owner and business to incorporate their preferences and personalities into the artwork.

3- Save and copyright the work on your computer with each store getting their own folder.  This work is becoming a part of your ever growing portfolio, so keep it as organized as you can.

4- Next time you go to that place of business let the owner know that you are a digital artist or designer and that you would like to share some ideas with them. Be yourself, be casual and friendly, this is not a corporate job interview.  You are simply offering to help them out.

5- If they are interested in your work, be sure that you have decided before hand whether or not you want to charge for your services or just give it to them for free in exchange for referrals, links or written credit.  (we will be writing an article on this very subject soon)

6- If they are too busy to talk, ask if you may send them an email about an idea you had for them and then send it within a day, preferably that night.

Take Initiative With Your Digital Art

Why this works.  The concept is rather simple, but often overlooked.  Places  where you spend your money and the people who own them are far more likely to give you an opportunity to share ideas with them than places where you do not.  You probably already have a relationship with the people there or can easily build one.  Why not start in a place where the odds of success are in your favor? 

But, why would you begin working on a new graphic design or digital art project before it was requested by a client?


1- Action is the enemy of inertia and inertia is what keeps us from getting the life we want.

2- Go read our article on "Graphic Design Jobs Mailed To You"  for a more detailed list of the benefits and results that this type of action has.  It is a good compliment to this article and another part of our ongoing series of making money with your digital art and graphic designs.

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