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Our first reaction to a seemingly endless monthly fee to access the creative software we wanted to use was anger and frustration.  We felt we were being taken advantage of, as the truth of the matter is, there is very little real competition or choice for digital artists that compares to the Adobe software.  We had lots of questions and concerns and felt there was a lack of clarity to the cloud.  Taking a deeper look and now actually becoming  subscribers to the service we do have a better understanding of some previously unseen benefits that we would like to share with you here. 

Let's start with the money first. $49.99 plus tax as of this writing was the highest monthly fee to subscribe as an individual.  If you are upgrading from a previous version you receive a discounted price and if you are a student or teacher you also get an even better discount.  If you wanted to buy the latest Adobe CS6 master collection you would spend $2,475.00 plus tax all at once and you would own it forever.  As an Artist and often a starving one, we know that it is usually much easier to come up with $50.00 than it is to get $2,475.00.  Now, $49.99  a month does not add up to $2,475.00 until after 49 1/2 months.  That is over 4 years later and you have access to all of the latest updates plus programs that you never would have even probably tried before.  We feel the subscription method actually makes Adobe's software far more accessible to the average person and especially the Artist, than the lump sum method did.

A Focus On Artists Shines Through The Cloud:

As Artists, we view Adobe's purchase of Behance as one of the more interesting news items.  As a monthly subscriber to the Creative Cloud you now automatically are given access to a Behance Pro account.  Behance is a very large online Art community where you can build and manage your Art portfolio.  You can also get feedback on your work as it is in progress and/or after it is done.  The opportunity for exposure to companies and industry professionals who are known to be on the lookout for new artistic talent in the Behance community is another added benefit.  Behance Pro as of this writing was $11 a month or $99.00 a year, but it is included for free in your membership, so you can include that as an unforeseen goodie that is a great benefit for Artist. 

A Behance Portfolio of your artwork also provides you the opportunity to have a professional web address that you can include on a business card for that all important job interview or networking party.

More Goodies for Artists:

Here are a few other things that you may not have thought about using, but now have the opportunity to experiment with because they are included:

-Edge Animate, a software that helps you to create interactive and animated web content. 

-Edge Web Fonts, a huge selection of free web fonts, it seems like there are a thousand or more fonts available and still growing.

-Phone Gap Build, a software to help you package mobile apps in the cloud.

-Video production and editing software.

-Muse, web design without coding knowledge.

-Hosting of up to 5 websites included too.

-Story CC plus, a collaborative screen writing tool. 

There are so many other things you will have access to as a monthly subscriber that we have not even discovered them all yet, plus there are new acquisitions and products being added on a regular basis.  Adobe has recently announced it's intent to acquire a marketing company called Neolane.  This looks like it has the potential to be a huge marketing cloud tool that can help users to get even more exposure for their work and track their results, but there is still more to come on this front.  The obvious upside is that Adobe is aggressively moving forward into the latest technology and now is the time to go with them if you want to be part of the most up to date innovations.

We did not address the frequently asked questions about Adobe's Creative Cloud because there is already so much being said online about it.  We do recommend that you go to Adobe's FAQ section where they have an extensive list of answers to the most common questions.

There is also a Free Creative Cloud Membership available where you can get access to 2Gb of online storage and a 30 day trial of all the Creative Cloud tools.  If you are a regular reader at 3D Graphic Art, then you know that we believe in taking action and applying the things you learn to achieve your goals. We want you to succeed, you can do it.

Adobe TV also has an amazing set of regularly updated and short Tutorials on many if not all of their products.  These tutorials have been instrumental for us in learning all the latest tips and tricks for creating our Art using Adobe.

-To Your Success!

Artists Benefit From Behance and the Creative Cloud Combination

Things are moving fast in the world of digital art.  Connect or follow us on Google+ where we post daily updates on what's happening.  It's the best way to get the latest information!
Adobe creative cloud has been out for a while now and things are starting to settle down a bit regarding all the controversy.

Adobe's creative cloud is a monthly subscription based service that allows you to download all of the adobe programs onto your computers hard drive for a monthly fee.  Every month your computer will go online to verify that you are still a paying member and then your access to all the programs remains active.  This is a big change to the now old method of buying an Adobe creative suite package and then having access to it forever, because you own it.  In this article we will be discussing our opinion of both methods and our first hand experience with both as users and as Artists.
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Things are moving fast in the world of digital art.  Connect or follow us on Google+ where we post daily updates on what's happening.  It's the best way to get the latest information!