Artistic Talent vs. Software

I recently had a discussion with an old timer graphic artist.  He is a rare breed who is still averse to computers and draws everything by hand plus does all of his writing on a typewriter.  That being said, that stuff was the foundation that was necessary for graphic art to get to where it is today.  He is talented and knowledgeable and I was interested in his opinion.  I was trying to convince him of the wonderful power and creative potential of todays digital art software coupled with a talented persons abilities.  His view was somewhat shocking as he stated to me that he felt that anyone could be an artist today, all they had to do was buy the right software and it actually did most of the work. 

Benefits of Graphic Art Software

Now, I can not dismiss the great benefits that a good computer graphics software allows for it's user.  Graphic art software truly can empower us to create beyond what most people ever thought was even possible.  To presume however that anyone can create beautiful works of Art in a relatively short period of time with little care or effort was rather offensive.  Do we all need to be able to draw and sketch these days?  No, I don't think so.  If this bothers those who came up from that background, then that is really their problem and not a reflection on the amount of effort or talent it takes these days to create.  Are people passing themselves off as artists today who may not deserve the title?  Probably, but hasn't that been happening all throughout history?   You can get into a good software program and slap some crap together and then  publish it online and call it whatever you want.  It is my knowing that great work speaks to people on a level that knows itself to be great Art and lesser work is revealed in the same manner. 

Keep it in perspective

Jealousy and competition have no place in Art as far as I am concerned and we are all in the process of getting better and better if you are truly pursuing the ever elusive manifestation of your thoughts.  Whether it is pencil and paper or mouse and monitor a great deal of time and effort must be exerted in the mastery of almost any artistic endeavor you can think of.  Yes, there are the Savants that will come and go in all generations who reveal the greatest works we could imagine with what may seem an easy and effortless manner. However, most of the greatest artist and works of Art were also created by those who worked the hardest and toiled through the nights.  Even Michelangelo said that if people knew how hard he worked to get his mastery that it would not seem that wonderful at all.  You can be sure if he had the latest graphic art software that he would have still said the same thing!  

This article has turned into a little more of a rant, but it is something I am passionate about and the point is that you should never let anyone else stop you from pursuing your Art.  If you have been called upon to create and you know without a doubt that you are one of those people, then jump in and start.  Take action, do some free trials with graphic art software, visit the sites we recommend and allow your own creativity to lead you towards the artistic expression that is most natural and rewarding for you.

To Your Success.

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