With all of the different terms thrown around today it can be confusing just trying to understand what people mean lately.  This article is written to help clarify what 3d graphic art is.  3d art or 3d graphic art to be a little more precise is a term that is used to describe artwork that employs the aid of computer software to create three-dimensional representations of people, places, objects, lighting and more. 3d graphic art is used for creating 3d models, graphic design, video games, computer generated characters, visual special effects, virtual reality, virtual engineering, and just about anything you can think of these days that looks really cool online, in the movies or on TV. It is art evolving into the digital age and stands to usher in a new renaissance of creativity.  Nasa, the Aerospace industry and Medical companies even employ it to assist in their design creations.

2D art by comparison includes photography, drawing, painting, calligraphy, typography, silk-screen printing and also consists of drawn plans and layouts for interior and architectural designs. It is most of the classic type of art we were used to.

3d art has so many applications, with hundreds of millions of Facebook users looking to enhance their pages, over a billion websites online and countless companies trying to maintain their marketing edge. This is a great time to explore the impact of art on our world. Becoming a part of the graphic art world is a wonderful adventure and sure to take you places that are yet to be imagined.

These are just a few examples of the exciting world of 3d digital art and what can be created.

Here are a few suggestions regarding some things you can do with 3d art:

*You can create your own 3d graphic art for personal or business uses including avatars, logos, images for product branding or just to share with others on the web.

*You can buy other peoples 3d art for use in your personal or professional projects. Check with the seller to be sure of the terms of use before publishing the work publicly.

*You can sell your own artwork in a multitude of places or on your own website too. We will be posting a list of places where you can become a vendor right here on this site that will be updated regularly, so put us in your favorites and be sure to follow us on google+ for the latest changes in the graphic art world.

*You can just browse and enjoy the thousands of graphic art designs online the same as you would enjoy a visit to an art gallery.

*With the advent of 3d printers, it is now possible to actually have 3d art physically created as a real object you can have at home. This is one of the coolest things I have seen lately. You can actually create a character using 3d art software and then have it printed out as a doll or a toy. Here is a link to a full article on 3d printing resources, so  you can read what it is all about.

At 3dgraphicart.com we want to help promote art and share information with those interested in learning more about art. Let us know what questions you have or help out by sharing some of your knowledge with our community. Simply drop us a note using our google+ page.

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What Is 3D Graphic Art?

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