1- Textures.  These are the patterns that are used on clothing, walls, floors, accessories and anything that requires a distinct look and feel.  There are many artists who focus only on this.  In the world of graphic art, a brick wall is a texture.

2- Objects. These are basically what they sound like, anything from buildings, furniture, vehicles, signs and shapes.
3- 3D Characters.  People and creatures are in this category of Art and they have a whole subdivision of other possible categories within them such as poses, face and body morphs, hair and makeup too.  Don't get overwhelmed, just start to think about what most appeals to you.

4- Animation and Video.  All the movement sequences that are put together for scenarios where motion is called for.

For each of the above categories there are many different types of software that are best suited for each and some general ones that cover a broader range.  Rather than overwhelm you with a comprehensive list, we prefer to share with you a list of we use most. 

Textures- Gimp, Adobe Photoshop, Filter Forge(plug-in)

Objects- Autodesk 3ds Max, Blender 3d (free,but not very intuitive)

3D Characters- Poser Pro, Victoria 4 from Daz3d

Animation- Anime,Daz3d,(poser has animation too, but we use Daz mostly)

All of the above items are available at our:
Resources Page.

Becoming a Digital Artist

At this point you have decided what area of graphic art that you like the most and you've compared software.  Now is the time to use the free trial period if there is one or to just dive in and buy the software that relates best to your desired category.  Most software does have a limited free trial and we would encourage that you check them out first that way, but the sooner you get the full version  your commitment to becoming a graphic artist will deepen.  Remember, that to look at your purchase of software as an investment in yourself is the true reality of it.  You are building a skill that can and will earn you money as you get better and better.  You will begin to see that the world is brimming with visual arts in all aspects of our daily lives and thus, the opportunities for artists in these fields are quite abundant.
Once you have your 3D graphic art software it's time to start developing your skill.  Put yourself in the mindset that the people who created the software want you to succeed and that there are lots of people, including us who want to help you along the way.  Most software will have a beginners guide and although I know you may want to jump right in to the advanced stuff, try to resist that urge for just a little while.  Following the initial tutorials will almost definitely save you some headaches later.  There is also that awesome feeling when you accomplish the first task you are guided through. 

I still remember my very first animation with poser of a man jumping up and down.  It was really basic and horrible looking, but when I pressed the play button and saw my creation jump up and down on my computer screen it was just one of the coolest moments to experience.  You are going to love the things that happen as you advance more and more in your Art and each new achievement will encourage you to greater heights of creativity.  So, choose to dedicate some time every day to your Art.  Whether it's an hour every night before bed or getting up a little earlier you are building an asset that will be rewarding you forever, so take action today and get started on your journey with graphic art.

Check out our articles on where you can begin making money with your digital art or just get more real life practice and exposure.

To Your Success! 

Where To Start With Graphic Art

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digital art image of 3d girl on brick background
So, your interested in all this cool graphic art stuff that your seeing everywhere and you wonder "Where do I start?".  This article was written to help give you a guideline on how to get started in graphic art.  I want you to get the most out of your time, money and energy, so first we'll discuss the different types of graphic art and then the software that applies to each category.

The first step is choosing what you think you are most interested in creating.  Let's take an example, maybe you saw an image of a girl in a wicked outfit outside an office building that you thought was really great.  One image like that may involve several different graphic artist, here's how:
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