When you are new to 3d graphic art, getting started creating your own unique art can take some time to figure out and to get good at.  3d content offers a great way to jump start your experience without having to do too much work at all.  In fact it is so useful that even seasoned artist use it all the time as you will soon see why.

3d Content Described

3d content is basically items that other artist have already created that you can use in your own projects.  They are usually for sale and sometimes free.  Once you obtain your 3rd party 3D content, you can change their color, texture, size, shape etc. using the digital art software that you prefer.

For example, let's say that you are starting off in Daz3d with the character Veronica 4.  Veronica 4 is a 3 dimensional character that needs to be given the body size and shape that you prefer for your project.  She may also need hair, makeup, clothes and accessories.  You may also want to alter the features of her face to achieve the look you desire as well as pose her body to help express the message you want to send.  Building a scene for her with cars, landscapes, structures and more is also done often.  You can create each of these things on your own at your pace as you learn 3d character and content creation. However, if you decide that you want to focus on understanding how to create and master one item at a time then you can get as many of the other items as you want, already made as 3d content.  It  is a wonderful time saver and an invaluable asset to a strong community that really works together in support of each other.

3d content is not just for characters, there is content available for all aspects of graphic design.  You can get objects, textures, buildings, cars, boats, home furnishings and just about anything you can think of for all your creative ideas, scenes and projects. Want to know more about 3d content?  Let us know right here, contact us.

Where To Get 3d Content

There are lots of websites to find 3d content, we have listed the ones we know and trust on our resources page.  Don't forget to use our affiliate links when visiting 3d content sites, you do not have to, but we appreciate it and it let's us know that you find our information helpful. Renderosity is one of our favorites, there link is the banner on your right. Thanks and have fun.

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3D Content, The Ultimate Time Saver

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