3D Graphic Art was founded by a married couple from New York who have been in the graphic design and digital art field for over 15 years. 
About Us
We started out creating from scratch our own handmade greeting card and wedding invitation business.  We designed and developed not only the cards and invitations but a website of over 1,000 pages with tons of photos, descriptions, articles and information.  We made cards for high profile clients and companies around the world.

After many successful years in the handmade greeting card industry, we decided to focus our efforts on the aspects of web design and digital art that we loved so much.  We have developed hundreds of logos, thousands of 3d people including gaming characters, digital art images, objects, animations, videos and more using graphic design software and graphic art techniques that we want to share with you right here.  We have grown to work with artists from all over the world and are always on the lookout for new talent.  We are currently designing over 20 websites and look forward to sharing each of those with you as they are published. 
In keeping with the spirit of Artists For Artists, here are a couple of links to free informative articles that we feel can help you or an Artist you know to get started navigating the world of Art:

What Is An Artist? - Insights into the traits we know many Artists share.

Loving An Artist - For those who love and support an Artist in their lives.

Success As A Graphic Artist - Information and a plan for your success.

We hope you enjoy these articles and more importantly take some action on the information within them.  If you want to be notified every time a new update is posted or something new happens on this site then just connect with us on google+.

Here's To Your Success!
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                                            Our Purpose

At 3d Graphic Art our purpose is driven by Artist supporting Artists.  We encourage and value hardworking creative individuals through the promotion of graphic art and we know that it is empowering to the creative spirit and the world to support art in all it's forms. We focus on sharing information and guidance on digital and graphic art as that is our area of greatest knowledge and expertise. Creation is a gift we all benefit from and encouraging those who have an artistic interest is our way of spreading that gift. We take pride in helping up and coming Artists realize their dreams and navigate the murky waters of the internet.   Thank you for joining us in support of 3d graphic arts. We look forward to providing you with an exciting and informative place for the next dimension of art!
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